From 5 megabytes to 1 terabit. That’s the story of the progression of the hard disks that was reach in only 20 years. The hard disks are always remarketed when some problems appears at them. Older hard disks, newer hard disk there was always a common problem that it is not solve even today with al of the technology and that problem is bad sectors.
    The older hard disk where more exposed to the apparition of bad sectors because of many factors, and that factors where eliminated on the way of progress. In the factors area the common problem was the big size of the hard disks. A bigger case that protects the hard disk means more protection from eliminating the heat that is generated from the moving parts. This heat can only create bad sectors. Actually the case of the hard drive was actually so big and they reach a weight of even 3-4 kilograms. The new hard disks are protected from the heat problem because they have safety measures for this problem and the risk of apparition of bad sectors because of the heat was minimize but not eliminated.
    The new hard disks have safety measures when the computer is being shutting down. That only ensure a better ergonomic function of it, and the risk of apparition of bad sector when the computer stops is also at a minimum level; the older hard disk did not have the protection system for the off line mode and when the computer stops the hard disk also stops because of the lack of power. Shorter said when we cut down the power the reading heads are dropped exactly where they ware and so the apparition of bad sectors increases.
 But an advantage did appear at the oldest hard disks and that is the speed of platens (rpm); even if they have a very reduce capacity 600 megabits to 3 gigabits the rotation per minute was smaller and that decreases the chance that two of the reading heads to hit each other (then the speed was at a maximum 3400 rpm) so decreasing the bad sectors apparition. In our days the high performance hard disk of 1 terabits are reaching speeds of 10400 rpm, a tremendous speed but with that speed also cams the risk of the bad blocks.
    If we can speak of another difference between the old hard disks bad block and the bad blocks of the new ones that surely must be the functions that each other is completing. A older disk model has very few functions but that is not the aspect that we are interested of but the fact that the less function it has the smaller chances that those parts to malfunction. In the new generation the hard disks have all kinds of option and function but if one of them stops working can easily lead to the creation of the bad sectors. To understand better the chances to broke one function from ten are smaller then to break one function from 50.
    Of course if we generalize the discussion the risk that the new hard disk to create bad sector is significantly smaller; otherwise the older hard disks where more predicted to create bad sectors. But bad sectors remained bad sector even in the apparition of the hard disk and even today we can minimize the risk of their apparition not entirely eliminate. In the end we can say that in the past the bad sectors where created easier then in our time but still bad sectors remains.
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