Let’s speak about how we can find out if we have some bad sectors on our hard disk. A simple read error that appears like this “Error reading from source” should be a problem that you really need to give a special attention.
    This type or error can appear when you try to run a application, a video game, a movie, etc. and it means that the information that is on your hard disk is no longer accessible for the computer, this can be a part of the application and still we will get the same error. Bad sectors maybe already on our computer but now we need to find out if that problem is software or hardware. An error in the FAT system can create the reading error and the problem is not so big if we just re-write it. The serious problem appears only when you reinstall the operation system and still get the same error over and over again. In this case we must reboot and in the DOS mode we must run the application called Scandisk (Scandisk from Windows can trick us in this case and it might show us some false values) and this will check every cluster and sector on the hard disk and will indicate witch are the bad sectors, how big they are and in what partition of our hard disk exists.
    Another way that we can concern if we have bad blocks is if we get for no reason the all ready know blue screen (remember also when we try to run an application). Many of us don’t even think of the blue screen error that it could be from the bad sectors and only after a full scan of the computer, finds out.
    The free space that is indicated by the operation system can be another way to tell if we have or don’t have bad sectors. Let’s say that we have a partition of 10 gigabits and it is absolutely empty and the amount of free space, when we ask for this option, is shown that the partition has only 8.5 gigabits. In this case you must run a bad sector program over that partition to see if everything is ok. Do not get trick because of the safety space that every hard disk have. The safety hard disk is the measure of the hard disk for writing down the files. Surely every one of you knows the safety space but just didn’t know that this is its name. The safety space is the space that is not indicated by any operation program, for example: you buy a 100 gigabits hard disk and when you install it the operation system will show only 99.2 gigabits. Why? Well let’s just say that is more of technical information and is harder to explain.
    When you install the operation system on your computer or any other application on the computer you might get the error report that looks just like this “cant copy to source” can also indicates the apparition of some bad blocks. Know we must see if the bad sectors are in the FAT sequence or a partition.
    So if you don’t have any kind of the errors that we speak about it doesn’t mean that you don’t have bad sectors on your hard disk. For your safety and lack of concern it is better that once in a while to run a Scandisk or another application that identifies the bad sectors. Conclusion: we can never say that we don’t have bad sectors until we check with a license application specially designed to find those problems.

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