Building a website is no easy task. In fact, write everything down and your perfect work-from-one idea becomes an almost impossible struggle. But don’t worry, it’s not. As long as you take things slow and make a step-by-step plan with all the elements that create a good website, you’ll make it. Besides, some aspects of web development can be quite fun, especially web design, which is a perfect opportunity to apply your creative ideas and give your site a unique touch that can turn it into your own personal corner in the huge world wide web. You don’t have to invest a lot of money either, because you can create a clean, intuitive and beautiful design on a budget. Sure, you’ll have to pass on intricate features and highly complex design elements, but it is possible to achieve something nice without getting very flashy and high-tech. Start by looking for cheap web design in Montreal, then make sure to tell your agency exactly how much you’re willing to pay on design alone. Then, the designer will think of an option that fits your budget, but still respects your aesthetic likes and dislikes. However, please note that, realistically speaking, there is a limit to what you can achieve with a small budget. If an agency promises incredible design services for a very small price, you might be in for some hidden charges.


When thinking about good web design, most people picture a complex, content heavy website with plenty of animations, slideshows, galleries and effects. This might have been the rule of thumb a couple of years ago, but now minimalism is the magic word among web developers. So, if you only have the budget for a white background with bold font and an image, then it’s not the end of the world, because experts actually advise you to make such a design. Nowadays, the focus falls on quality content and branding rather than the colorful bits and bobs that you use for the design. You should also think of it this way: the simpler a design is, the least it’s likely to become outdated and require changes in the future.


Another cost-effective web design solution is to use themes. No matter what platform your website is built on, there are thousands of high quality themes available and some are even for free. Pick one you like and it will undoubtedly cost less than having that exact design done from scratch. If the theme is customizable, then you can ask the designer to make some tweaks until it looks exactly like you want it to. Last, but not least, you can always learn a bit of web design yourself. Not in the advanced, complicated sense, more like being able to make minor changes without having to call your designer every time. For example, you can learn how to change the mouse hover color for the links from the CMS platform or change the header image and you’ll save a few dollars in the long run.